We can disassemble your pool table, pack it up, move it to another address, and then assemble the table while getting it perfectly level. Tucson Pool Table Movers takes excellent care of all the tables that we transport. We pay close attention to make sure the finish doesn't get scratched and wrap with cloth when it is necessary.

Pricing - Pool Table Movers

Home to Home Move - We do not charge extra for stairs on a 3 piece slate table. We will not move 1 piece slate tables up or down stairs.

  • 7' & 8' 3 piece slate w/ existing felt                                                                                   $275.00
  • 7 & 8 foot 3 piece slate w/ new Championship 21 oz. teflon   (we supply the  felt)                       $495.00
  • 7' & 8' 3 piece slate w/ new felt                                     (customer already has the new felt) $450.00
  • 7 & 8 foot 3 piece slate w/ new Simonis or worsted cloth        (we supply the felt)                        $650.00

9' 3pc. pool tables   add $50.00
Game style tables   add $25.00
Ball return designs  add $25.00 (does not apply to coin operated tables)
1 piece slate pool tables    add $75.00


Service Department Manager (520) 261-7640


Here at Tucson Pool Table Movers, we guarantee all of our work. Our service warranty is one full year from date of service and we guarantee the level of the table for 5 years providing that it does not get moved. Our normal appointment times are at 8 or 9 am and 1 or 2 pm.